01)      I shall inter-act with your august organization with regard to various types of educational information to be provided to you.  At Hyderabad [TS] India, there are few world reputed Universities existing apart from 800 Engineering Colleges and a couple hundreds of Master of Business Management [MBA] colleges and MCA colleges located at the Two States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (23 Districts in all).

      02)      I shall be able to survey these Universities and colleges, in a phased manner, and give feed-back about the functioning, operational and day to day procedures, systems and the teaching methodology from your side. [All branches of Engineering courses, MBA, MCA courses and all types Diploma courses as per All India Council for Technical Education [AICTE], New Delhi.

      03)      Masters PG Technical and non-technical, Management courses including various Diploma courses of your college shall be taken to all the Engineering Colleges, Management Colleges located in Telangana State and at Andhra Pradesh State in India for students enlightenment and higher studies purposes.

      04)      Wide publicity of your Masters PG Technical courses and Ph D courses could be given through email communication to all the Technical and Management Colleges located in all the States in India.

      05)      If your august Institution wishes to open a branch at Hyderabad or at Vijayawada city or at any other places of your choice at Telangana State or at Andhra Pradesh State, I will work-out all the modalities; prepare plans for such new branches for your Institution.

      06)      Press, media advertisements for your College publicity and other Academic Programs shall be taken care of.

      07)      Printing of Material/Stationary/Office requirements such as Zerox machine, FAX machine, Printer, communication system, ID Card Printing machine etc.

      08)      Your Institutions Brochures, Prospectus, Pamphlets, Banners and other printing works could be taken-up, with the assistance and guidance from your august institution.

      09)      I shall be able to coordinate, monitor, liaise, inter-act, communicate, correspond and speak to various students here in our Two States (Total 23 Districts) of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

      10)      I shall be able to visit other States in India and study, inter-act, coordinate and communicate with various other Educational Institutions, their set-up and functional and operational systems, teaching methodology and working style, Staff deployment and the Departments, Labs, Library (Digital Library with facilities), Workshops for Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Systems for Computer Science Engineering courses, Chemical Labs for various types of technical courses. Reports on students/staff Welfare Activities and Sports & Games facilities which are made available in all the Educational Institutions, as per the AICTE/Government guidelines, could be provided as feed-back, from time to time as per your Institutional requirements.

      11)      I shall also speak to all the faculty members, Tutors, Asst. Professors, Associate Professors, Professors and Deans, for any of your requirements pertaining to academic matter and pursuance.

      12)      Online Guest Lecture Programs on PG-technical and Management courses could be arranged, depending upon your institutional requirement plans and proposals.

      13)      Your institution could also well be introduced with all types of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, and approved Diploma Courses in India.

      14)      Workshops/Seminars/Exhibitions/Symposiums could also be arranged on your institutional requirement as per proposals and yearly plans.

      15)      Project Work Placements could be worked-out for the Institution’s students.

      16)      I shall be able to provide all the content matters pertaining to the Personality Development Programs, as per the list mentioned in my earlier email.

      17)      I shall be able to provide informational assistance for your students pertaining to job placements in India. I have some thousands of contact details of various companies including IT companies in India and abroad, which are useful to the students.

      18)      Any other matter pertaining to academics could be worked-out.

      19)      B School Management/operations shall be worked-out, if your Institution plans to establishment Management courses.

      20)      I shall be giving updated information and the needed feed-back through regular emails in a form of Email Reports (at least weekly once).

      21)      I shall be able to provide faculty information, who is interested in working with your august organization.

      22)      Documentation for UG/PG Tech. courses/Intake seats.

      23)      In-house Training Programs.

      24)      Various Training Programs content matter pertaining to management courses could be provided based on your organizational requirement.

      25)      I shall be able to provide various Training Programs being conducted by various organizations/companies in India, for the purpose and utility of your students at your place.

      26)      All the Budgetary proposals and plans could be submitted as and when required, for above purposes.

      27)      If interested in my services, Tie-up / MoU could be sent to me through email to me with your organizational requirements and assignments to be carried out at Hyderabad [TS] India.

      28)      Inventory Control/Capital Equipment records maintenance.

      29)      Cost of Official Travelling expenses including Boarding & Lodging charges whenever self or staff goes on official tours with respect to visiting various Educational Institutions/Universities/Government Offices, Private Software companies and other Industries & Companies, are to be borne from your Institutions side.

      30)      Press Releases – In-house Magazines/Journals/News Letters will be prepared with institution’s consultation, assistance and guidance.

      31)      Cost of Press/Media expenses also to be borne from your Institutional side with regard to various types of Ads which are to be released from time to time depending upon the requirements and situations.

      32)      For opening of any of your New Branch Office here at Hyderabad (TS) India, for carrying out your official duties, monthly rent, cost of maintenance, furniture, Desk Top System, Staff monthly Salaries, Petrol/Diesel cost, Power & Water Bills, Landline Telephone/Mobile Phones for staff & self and other running expenses including miscellaneous expenses/unforeseen expenses and substantial Imprest amount is to be ear-marked, as per the half-yearly/yearly budgetary costs.

      33)      Any other work/assignment, as per your Educational Institutions requirement would be taken-up, in a phased manner, depending upon the time-frame, work-load and job assignment, and feed back shall be given through email from time-to-time.

      34)      Cost of Permissions/Approvals for establishment of office from the local Municipal authorities/Government also to be borne from your institutional side.

      35)      For enrolment of Students’ Admission, we can work-out a program in India (Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Trivandrum, Cochin, Kerala, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhopal, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Lucknow) and also to work-out a program of conducting a Workshop/Seminar about the ‘’EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT AND IT’S EFFECT IN THE PROFESSIONAL CAREER’’. (Substantial Budgetary provision is to be ear-marked and spent for this type of program).

      36)      Can plan for a separate Program in India ((Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Trivandrum, Cochin, Kerala, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhopal, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Lucknow) pertaining to Personality Development Programs (PDP) and also to invite Technical, Non-Technical and Management Students, Faculty/Teachers/Professors/Asst. Professors, Professors for participation while communicating to all the Engineering/Management/Pharmacy College Managements, for effective conduct of this program. (Substantial Budgetary provision is to be ear-marked and spent for this type of program).

      37)      International Seminar/Workshop could be planned & organized at any of the chosen State in India regarding “FRESH STUDENTS ASPIRING FOR ADMISSIONS INTO HIGHER COURSES” AND “FACILITIES, BENEFITS, FEE CONSESSIONS AND BOARDING, LODGING & HOSTEL ARRANGEMENTS” could be worked out. (Substantial Budgetary provision is to be ear-marked and spent for this type of program).

      38)      To visit each Engineering College/Management College State-wise, District-wise and to distribute Pamphlets and put Banners pertaining to your Institution’s Students Admissions for higher studies. (Substantial Budgetary provision is to be ear-marked and spent for this type of program).

      39)      To open your Institution’s Branch Office/Coaching-cum-Study Office/Counseling Office at Hyderabad (TS-India) initially for purposes of coordination, monitoring, inter-action, liaison with all students/officials/college managements. (Substantial Budgetary provision is to be ear-marked and spent for this type of program).

      40)      For all the Foreign Educational Institutions/Universities conducting various types of Technical, Non-Technical, Management and various Diploma Courses, AICTE/State Council of Higher Education/Government Permissions/Approvals are essentially needed for all the AICTE Approved courses in India. Without the AICTE/Universities/Government/SCHE recognition, technical, non-technical, management courses and various types of diploma courses which are taught,  are not treated as Approved Courses in India.

      41)      Industrial Visits for Students.

      42)      Support services for conduct of B Tech/M Tech/MBA etc courses.

      43)      Documentation for UG/PG Tech. courses/Intake seats.

      44)      Compliance Reports.

      45)      New Branches/Offices set-up.

      46)      B School Management /operations.

      47)      AICTE/JNTU/OU/other Universities in India related Inspections.

      48)      Follow-up/Coordination/fulfilling deficiencies/shortfalls/ratifications.

      49)      Exam Branch related work.

      50)      Student Admission Process (Convener/Management/NRI quota).

      51)      MID, Lab, End Exams – Support to Faculty.

      52)      Invigilation duties allotment to Faculty.

      53)      Exam. Application Forms submission to Universities/Hall Tickets.

      54)      Fee Collections/No Due Certificates issue to students.

      55)      NBA Documentation.

      56)      ISO9001-2008 Certification process.

      57)      Affiliation/Renewal Clearances.

      58)      Coordination with Universities Exam Br./Academic cell.

      59)      Follow-up with AICTE/CTE/APSCHE/TSCHE/JKC/Universities.

      60)      National Service Scheme (NSS) Programs implementation.

       61)      Students Mutual transfers from one college to another college.

       62)      Constitution of college Committees.

       63)      Rectification of deficiencies and shortfalls.

       64)      AICTE scholarships to GATE students.

       65)      Sponsorship programs to Faculty for Graduate PG Tech. courses.

       66)      Nominating Faculty for Inter/Intra State Tech. Trg. Programs.

       67)      Planning & Coordination for Technical Requirement.

       68)      Convening Society Board Meetings.

       69)      Implementation of Management Strategies & Policies.

       70)      Campus Selection by S/W firms/Job Fairs/Internet Job Websites.

       71)      College Minority Status-Making Application and work process.

       72)      Revaluation/Recounting of M Tech/B Tech/MBA/MCA scripts.

       73)      Invigilation Duties work-out.

       74)      In-house Training Programs.

       75)      Grant-in-Aid Schemes.

       76)      Processing of Transcripts.

       77)      Hospitality to Inspection Teams

       78)      Corpus Fund Deposit to AICTE – Procedure.

       79)      Ratification of Students Admission Final List with University.

       80)      Society/College Tie-up with IGNOU for simultaneous study.

       81)      SC/ST/BC Welfare Scholarships/Programs.

       82)      Bank Loan Fee Collections – Process ad follow-up with Banks.

       83)      Leave Registers Maintenance/Circulars Drafting/Parents Meetings

       84)      Secretarial works/Management/Accounts/Bank Reconciliations.

       85)      Medical/Dispensary set up within the college premises.

       86)      Engagement of Chartered Accountant for College.

       87)      Collection of Syllabus Books.

       88)      Advertisements & Brochures preparation.

       89)      Inventory Control/Capital Equipment records maintenance.

       90)      Lab/Library maintenance.

       91)      Fire Fighting Equipment arrangement in the college premises.

       92)      Cash Adjustments/Payments/Book-keeping management.

       93)      Agreements/Contracts/MOUs/Tie-ups with Universities.

       94)      Job Placement sources for Final Year Students.

       95)      Project Work Placements.

       96)      Seminars/Workshops/Exhibitions/Guest Lecture Programs.

       97)      Industrial Visits for Students.

       98)      Overseeing Sports & Cultural Programs.

       99)      Press Releases – In-house Magazines/Journals/News Letters.

    100)    Event Management arrangement.

All these issues shall be carried-out as per management requirement / necessity, stage-by-stage in a phased manner after planning, making available minimum lead-time, ear-marking financial component budgetary provision, and release of funds in a phased manner as per funds requirement for the allotted works with logistic support from your Management.